Mastering the Art of Microbiology
for Bio-based Chemical Commodities

At BioTork, we believe that microorganisms are the key to breaking the global addiction to an ever dwindling supply of fossil fuels. Relying on our expertise in accelerated evolution we develop strains of yeasts, algae, fungi, archaea and other types of microorganism capable of converting different types of biomass into high value bio-based chemical commodities traditionally derived from petroleum.

Company Updates:

March 14, 2013: BioTork announces extension of its collaboration with USDA-ARS in Hawaii. News Release

June 12, 2012: BioTork announces collaboration with BASF. News Release.


 In the Media:

December 26, 2011:    Tom Lyons, Chief Scientific Officer, clearing up some public misconceptions about biofuels and biofuel research in the Gainesville Sun. Read Article. 



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