Mastering the Art of Fermentation

At BioTork, we believe that the renewable chemicals industry suffers from what we call the ‘robustness problem’, or the failure of biocatalysts to perform well at scale. The solution to this problem is BioTork’s proprietary evolutionary optimization technology, which allows the bioconversion of low-value abundant biomass streams into high value bio-based chemical commodities.

There is an enormous difference between being able to perform a task and being able to perform said task well enough to be economically competitive. Much of the renewable chemicals industry relies on capable, but non-robust biocatalysts, the consequence of which is an industry that is not cost-competitive. This ‘robustness problem’ can only be resolved with BioTork’s evolutionary optimization technology.


Company Updates:

May 2014:  The State of Hawaii supports BioTork's development effort project to convert agricultural by-products to biofuels and high-protein feed: The legislature authorizes issuance of special purpose revenue bonds of up to US$ 50 Million. (Press release to follow).

March 14, 2013: BioTork announces extension of its collaboration with USDA-ARS in Hawaii. News Release

June 12, 2012: BioTork announces collaboration with BASF. News Release .


 In the Media:

December 26, 2011:    Tom Lyons, Chief Scientific Officer, clearing up some public misconceptions about biofuels and biofuel research in the Gainesville Sun. Read Article. 



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